Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Orange County Concrete Coring & Cutting uses the most advanced technology called Ground Penetrating radar. This reduces time and cost and produces the results on-site and in real time. Unlike concrete X-ray which requires job site evacuation and gives off radiation. With GPR there is no radiation, no evacuation. GPR is completely safe and approved by the FCC. GPR was developed by the military to safely locate mines and is now used by Orange County Concrete Coring & Cutting to locate post tension cables, rebar, conduits, voids and slab thickness in concrete.

   -   Post Tension Cables
   -   Rebar
   -   Voids
   -   Slab Thickness
   -   Conduits


   -   Slabs
   -   Walls
   -   Balconies
   -   Columns
   -   Parking Structures
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Advantages of GPR

  -  Results produced immediately
  -  Safe - one side access
  -  FCC approved
  -  Portable lightweight equipment

If an unlicensed contractor has done work with no permit or proper inspections, GPR can supply proof of re-bar, ties, loops, steel and depth of concrete to meet the city inspector and engineers specifications to save your project.
GROUND PENETRATING RADAR works by transmitting a high frequency electromagnetic energy pulse into concrete via an antenna. The signals are reflected back to the antenna creating an image of the imbediments located in the concrete.