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Concrete Grinding / Trip Hazard Removal questions?
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Concrete Grinding Trip Hazard Removal

Uneven sidewalk panels creating an unsafe environment on your property?

Did you know the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits vertical changes in level greater than 1/4" inch on sidewalks?

The Advantages of Trip Hazard Removal:

* Cost Saving:  Thousands can be saved using Trip Hazard Removal rather than concrete replacement.

* Compliance:  Completely compliant with the ADA regulations.

* Liability Issues:  Removal of Trip Hazards will greatly reduce the exposure to liability issues.

* Lower Insurance Costs: Insurance rates can be greatly reduced through the implementation of Trip Hazard removal.

* Fast & Efficient:  Trip Hazard Removal, Concrete Grinding is pedestrian friendly. The surface is restored to safety in a matter of hours, rather than days as is the case with replacement, keeping the adverse impact on foot traffic to a minimum.

* Cleanliness: All debris is immediately removed from the repair site, and the location is left clean and attractive.